Those science fiction fantasies of ours,The Self Driving Cars are coming into reality. We are taking the automatic cars to the next level.These cars are implemented with computer vision which can recognise and respond to symbols, images and objects on road. Driver less cars of future are gonna have numerous benefits.

Imagine one day, getting into your car and telling to take you to your destination, while you just relax. Wow! Doesn't it sounds cool?

Here are 5 benefits of Self Driving Cars.

1. It park's itself.

Most time and energy consuming part is finding a parking lot and fitting our car to that tiny spot before someone else.This is always tiring and often ends up in heated arguments.

Now we don't have to worry about it. These self driven cars can find a lot and park itself. This reduces the congestion on road sides.

2. Great help for physically challenged.

These people are forced to rely on public transport and people for commutation. Public transports are not easy for them. Automated cars could make better ease to visually and audibly impaired.

The self driving cars are making them more independent
3. You have more time.

Usually the driver's eyes are more on the road and forgets to enjoy the views outside. Self driving cars made it possible for us to relax and enjoy the trip.

Now we can do our works,respond to mails and chats, we can even take a nap on the road.

This is the best part of self driven cars. You have more time!

4. Avoid crashes.

Often the accidents are caused due to our reckless driving. Drinking and driving, overspeeding, getting distracted all results in severe blood shed on roads.

Self driving cars reduces number of automobile crashes.

Self driven cars are designed according to traffic rules and speed limits. Therefore reducing accidents to great extent.

Fewer accidents on roads make car insurance low. Thus we could save money.

5. Reduces traffic.

These cars maintains distance from other vehicles, creating no unnecessary traffics . Also reduces sound pollution from all those loud horns we make when we are blocked.

Technology is advancing day by day. We are improving and incorporating new ideas and solutions to make our lives easier and the world a better place. The future of technology and our lives are bright.

These are just 5 benefits of Autonomous vehicles,there are more benefits and also cons to it, which could be discussed in another blog.

Happy Reading!



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